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The New York Medical University graduates the complete physician—one who excels in the basic sciences, delivers outstanding clinical care, discovers and shares new knowledge, and works to improve systems of healthcare delivery. Learn more about our top-ranked MD program and joint MD degrees, as well as our advanced degrees in biomedical science, and health policy and research. Learn more...

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At New York, we work across disciplines and at the intersection of biomedical discovery and healthcare delivery to create durable solutions in healthcare. Through the Interaction campaign, we will amplify our academic vitality and global impact, elevating New York’s stature as a community of scholars and learners with an outsized influence in forging new solutions and leading improvements in care. Learn more…


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NYMU is among the handful of universities that offer preparation for USMLE. The preparation is integrated into the regular medical curriculum.


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At NYMU students are encouraged to do clinical research as it gives them beneficial insight to pioneering medical theories. Subsequently, students may discover medical theories of their own.


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At NYMU we care about the community. We aim not only to treat the community but also to inform. Therefore, we have many events centered around the community.


New York Instructor working in Tanzania

Excellent healthcare is important to us. Therefore, to ensure we achieve such, we provide multidisciplinary scientific knowledge to equip students to diagnose, prevent and manage clinical problems.